Being Honest

May 7, 2011

It’s too bad that the longer I sit on my bed in the morning and write, the easier it is to stay here and blog, journal, read, etc.

This morning I just started a prayer journal.  One page so far for myself, one page for others.  Alternating back and forth seems to be a good thing.

Praying for friends and family members.  For myself, a new living situation…..

Have 3 hours until work begins.  Ideally want to go to the gym right now.  Wish I were better at time management….


First Day of Blogging

June 2, 2006

It's 10:35 am, and I sit here thinking that I need to get a move on it with life.

I'm so comfortable in my orange "grandma chair" with the sun on my back.  When I move to my new apt. (where I move June 6), I wonder if the sun will hit my living room in the morning??

I don't even have a couch, but my friend said she had an extra ottoman. What can you really do with an ottoman?  Not sit on it for very long or you'll get a back ache.  How do the asian cultures who eat sitting at the floor at the short tables manage?  They must have the strongest postures ever.  Anyways, how did an ottoman become so worthy to be named after an ancient empire?

Alas, I know so little of ancient history.  I'd rather listen to someone discussing it than read about it.